Function: noun plural but singular in construction
Date: 15th century
a report of recent events : previously unknown information <I've got news for you> : material reported in a newspaper or news periodical or on a newscast : matter that is newsworthy

27/09/09 LAND. wins Kodak Award

Last night at the end of the NPP co-production market at the Dutch Film Festival, our new project LAND. was awarded the Kodak NPP Development Award for best pitch and best new film project in development.

LAND. is the story of Taha, a Moroccan windsurfer, who has lost himself between the contrasting worlds of visiting European tourists in the summer and the emptiness of his fishing village in the winter. He sets out on a 750 kilometer windsurfing voyage to Europe in an effort to make sense of his life.

LAND. is being developed by writer/director/co-producer Jan-Willem van Ewijk, co-writer Abdelhadi Samih and producer Bero Beyer of Augustus Film.

23/04/09 LAND. selected for Sundance Lab

The American Sundance Institute has invited Dutch writer / director Jan-Willem van Ewijk and his project "Land." (previously titled Larbi's Voyage) to participate in the prestigious June Screenwriter's Lab in Utah, USA.

"Land." tells the story of Taha, a Moroccan windsurfer, who has lost himself between the contrasting worlds of visiting European tourists in the summer and the emptiness of his native fishing village in the winter. In an effort to make sense of his life, he sets out on a 500 mile windsurfing journey along the Atlantic coast towards Europe. A large part of the film takes place on the open ocean. Van Ewijk is working together with Moroccan co-writer Abdelhadi Samih, who he met in the village where the first part of the film takes place. "I was just in Morocco with Abdelhadi when Sundance called us with the good news. We were totally blown away and had a big party with the people in the village. This is an incredible boost for our challenging project."

Jan-Willem van Ewijk has a Master's Degree in Aircraft Design and worked as an investment banker before writing, directing, producing, editing and starring in his debut feature film "Nu.", which he shot entirely with friends and family. "Nu." screened at festivals world wide, including Montreal, Seattle and Paris, where it received the Grand Jury Prize at the European Independent Film Festival. "Nu." will be released on DVD in the Benelux by Cinema Delicatessen this summer.

The Sundance Institute, which was founded by Robert Redford in 1981 and is dedicated to the discovery and development of independent artists and audiences, annually selects four to five projects to participate in its June screenwriter's lab. These projects are further developed during the lab with the help of a team of renowned creative advisors. In many cases, the Institute has helped the program's fellows attach producers and talent, secure financing and assemble other significant resources to move their projects toward production and presentation. Quentin Tarantino (Reservoir Dogs), PT Anderson (Hard Eight), Miranda July (Me and You and Everyone We Know), Hany Abu-Assad (Paradise Now) en Darren Aronofsky (Requiem for a Dream) all developed their early work at one of the Sundance Labs.

07/11/08 Cinema Delicatessen to distribute "Nu." in Benelux

We are excited to announce that we have signed and agreement with Dutch distribution company Cinema Delicatessen for the DVD, TV and Internet distribution of the 80 minute feature "Nu." within the Benelux. Official DVD release of "Nu." is expected to take place early 2009.

06/08/08 "Nu." on the big, big screen

Our feature film "Nu." will be screened at the Amsterdam Open Air Festival "Pluk de Nacht" on August 20, 2008 at the Timorplein / Studio K. Prior to the screening, Jan-Willem van Ewijk will participate in a panel discussion on Self-Taught Filmmaking hosted by the NFTVM, the Dutch Association of Film and Television Makers.

"Pluk de Nacht" will screen a number of award winning feature films that have not yet been distributed in the Netherlands. For more information, see

13/09/07 Variety review praises "Nu."

Dennis Harvey wrote a great review of "Nu." in Variety, after watching our movie at the Montreal World Film Festival. Variety is the leading trade magazine in the movie business. Check out the review by clicking here.

11/07/07 "Nu." selected for competition in Montreal

Our feature "Nu." was selected for the First Film World Competition at the Montreal World Film Festival which will take place from August 23rd till September 3rd, 2007. This competition will give the opportunity to authors of selected first feature films to be recognized. A jury will award the Golden Zenith, Silver Zenith and Bronze Zenith to the winners of this section.

01/06/07 Seattle International Film Fest selects "Nu."

Our first feature film "Nu." will have its North American premiere on June 15 at the Seattle International Film Festival where it was selected as part of the World Cinema program. SIFF is the largest film festival in the US, with over 400 films showing over a period of more than three weeks.

19/03/07 "Nu." wins top prize at European Independent Film festival

Yesterday our feature film "Nu." was awarded the Grand Prix du Jury at the European Independent Film Festival in Paris, also known as the ECU Film Festival. The jury praised the film's direction, cinematography and strong performances. "Nu." was in competition with 21 other feature films from around the world.

27/09/06 Nu wins its first award!

Nu was awarded a Special Mention in the Dutch film festival's debutant competition, taking second place behind winner "Doodeind", a horror movie shot on 35mm film. This year's competition was particularly fierce with 24 films competing for the Great Prize of the City of Utrecht, which is awarded to the year's top debutants. The jury consisted of movie director Robert Jan Westdijk (Little Sister, Phileine Says Sorry), producer Hanneke Niens (Twin Sisters, Cloaca, Godforsaken) and documentary producer Annelotte Verhaagen.

13/08/06 Nu to be shown at the Dutch Filmfestival

Propellor Film's first feature production Nu is to be shown at the Dutch Filmfestival in Utrecht in September 2006. Herman de Wit, the festival's head of programming, praised the film's "beautiful and serious story".

13/01/06 Propellor Film gets "Professional Help" for Nu

Editor Herman Koerts and sound designer Peter Flamman have offered to help us with re-editing and mixing "Nu", preparing it for festival and DVD release. Koerts and Flamman, who have worked on a large number of succesful movies, including the Oscar nominated "Twin Sisters", will also help with recording and editing a voice over of French actress Brigitte Baladie that will be added to the movie.

01/03/05 Test Screening Nu Completed

Last week Propellor Film completed the last in a series of succesful test screenings of it's feature film Nu. Director Jan-Willem van Ewijk is currently working with Steven Spanjersberg and Jord van der Zwaag to complete the film's musical score and sound mix. The grand opening of Nu. is scheduled for autumn 2005.

22/09/04 Hard disc crash delays Nu post-production

Post-production of Nu has been delayed due to an unrecoverable failure of our hard disc system in June. As a result, Propellor Film estimates the final cut of Nu should now be available late 2004.

01/03/04 Cabriolet is now Nu

Propellor Film is pleased to announce the new name of the feature film that was previously produced as Cabriolet. The film will be released as Nu, the Dutch word for Now. Producer / Director Jan-Willem van Ewijk believes this name more accurately reflects the essence of the film.

06/10/03 Interview Dutch Newspaper ‘Het Parool’

Jos Bloemkolk of the Dutch newspaper ‘Het Parool’ has interviewed Jan-Willem van Ewijk for the newspapers' Arts section. The interview was published on October 3rd and covered the production of Cabriolet, the Dutch Film Festival and the state of the Dutch film industry in general.

12/06/03 Production of Cabriolet Proceeds on Schedule

Production of the 90 minute feature film Cabriolet is steaming ahead on schedule. The production team have now completed 16 days of rehearsals and 20 days of production, including 9 days of production in London. They have covered a dazzling 23 locations. Another 27 days of production are still scheduled for June and July 2003; 15 days in the Netherlands and 12 days in the Belgian Ardennes. Production will run until the 27th of July. Propellor Film have reserved 7 days in August for potential reshoots, of which only one day has currently been scheduled.

06/02/03 Matthijs Bourdrez and Ilona Minchom join Cabriolet cast

Dutch actor Matthijs Bourdrez will take on the leading roll of architect Jaap in Jan-Willem van Ewijk's first feature film 'Cabriolet'. Matthijs has over 12 years of acting experience and starred in over 15 amateur theatre productions. Apart from acting, he works as a freelance architect and has a Master's degree in architecture from Delft University.

British / Spanish actress Ilona Minchom will take on the role of Rose, Jaap's girlfriend. Ilona studied at the Maastricht drama school and performed in several theatre productions and short films.

Cabriolet is a film about friendship, cars, greed and the profound effect of loss on two people who are not used to losing. Production for 'Cabriolet' will start in May 2003.

13/01/03 Propellor Film to produce 90 minute feature 'Cabriolet'

Propellor Film will produce 'Cabriolet' a 90 minute feature film about cars, friendship, greed and the profound effect of loss on two people who are not used to losing. Jaap, a young architect, and Jean Paul, a successful businessman, enjoy affluent, cosmopolitan lifestyles. But when Jaap's beautiful girlfriend Rose has a severe car accident abroad, their fragile reality is shattered. Both men take off on a road trip to visit Rose, a journey that will change their lives.

Cabriolet is written and directed by Jan-Willem van Ewijk. The film will be recorded in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium and France. Production is scheduled to start in May 2003.