UK / Netherlands / Belgium / France, drama

80 min, colour, English / Dutch / French, English / Dutch Subtitles



Jaap's life is turned upside down when his girlfriend Rose is caught up in a severe car accident. The memory of her starts haunting him in his dreams and in everyday life. In an attempt to get his life back on track, his childhood buddy JP drags him along on a road trip to France, where Rose was born. During their trip they meet Lara, a young British cellist, who helps Jaap open up to the world again. Then JP decides to reveal a secret that plunges Jaap back into the past and put his character to an ultimate test.

"Nu" is written and directed by Jan-Willem van Ewijk, who quit his business job and produced this debut film with the help of both former colleagues as well as seasoned film professionals.


Jaap - Matthijs Bourdrez
JP - Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Rose (voice over) - Brigitte Baladié
Vera - Veroniek Vermeulen
Lara - Lynsey Jane Rowe
Stan - Steve Novick
Rose' mother - Arisha de Waal
Rose - Ilona Minchom
Anna - Belia van der Giessen


Written, directed, produced by Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Photography - Marco van Zelst, Gregg Telussa, Duko Stolwijk
Production - Gosia Grubba, Amy Ghebremeskel, Imre Verhoeven, Dylan Hyman
Editing - Herman P Koerts, Jan-Willem van Ewijk
Sound - Jan-Willem van Ewijk (with special thanks to studio Peter Flamman)
Music - Steven Spanjersberg, Jord van der Zwaag
Assistant Director / Acting Coach - Gisele Noordzij